Wednesday, 19 January 2011

When doing a job

The Karcher is a fine tool; this is a fact. It's best operated by people who know what they are doing. And doubly, it is best when the pressure is at it's fullest. You see a power hose can only be a power hose when the power is at it's fullest. When using a Karcher and it appears to be lacking in the aforementioned fullest power/pressure, check that the gun is fully turned round to the plus sign. Then you don't waste a couple of hours wondering why it's not cleaning as spectacularly as it usually does. Just a thought...

Anyhoo, the paths are almost all finished now and I even cleaned up a couple of fences and patio furniture too. It truly is a tool among tools - am I going on a bit about it? Whatever, I like cleaning things. 

So I'm a bit fastidious. I like putting things in order. I like stationery stores and proper old ironmongers with boxes full of all different sizes of nail, screw, hook, et al, where you can by one screw or nut or bolt; not those stupid huge bags of nails, screws, hooks, et al so you're left with 199 nails that you will never use. 

AND, why have I been using razors with five blades and moisturising strips that only work once or twice before they clog up with bristles no matter how hard you try to clean them? These things pluck out each individual bristle one at a time causing pain when what they should do is, "While shaving, the razor handle produces soothing micropulses, which help reduce friction and increase razor glide, so you can barely feel the blades."  And cost a bloody fortune and buying replacement blades is exorbitant.

Not really having a go at this particular manufacturer, they are all the same, full of marketing nonsense, lies and exaggeration. So I've spent a fortune on these razors and they have failed me, caused me unnecessary irritation (won't say pain 'cos that in itself is also, "nonsense, lies and exaggeration" on my part). I bought a packet of ten double bladed razors for £2.49 from a store with the letters S&M - re-arranged - and the first one is proving magnificent, almost as good in it's own way as the Karcher, different job of course, but nevertheless a fine shave.

So there we go, blog away, blog away, blog away...

PS: someone just said prostate on Radio 4...

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