Monday, 18 April 2011


...I have been attempting to upload some pictures of current works in progress, but for some reason the software will not allow me to upload them in the order I want. I hate computers. It's something like Basil Fawlty with the car, "Right, I've told you time and time again..."

So, here we go... Actually no, just before I do, has anybody noticed how politicians and suchlike (scientists are good at this too) start answers to questions with either the word, "so" or "look"? Apologies for doing that above, I didn't mean to. Tony Blair started the "look" thing and I think the "so" thing came from across the pond, same difference I guess.

Anyway, here I go, wish me luck and I will see you in a bit... Ooo, it worked, I'm so happy!

I was asked to "get rid" of the two shrubs to the right of the 400 year old tree in this central bed of the main lawn at one of my gardens (huh, MY garden...)

Chop, chop...

...cut, cut... hé voilà, allé, souffler !

I sometimes see some lovely things whilst driving from garden to garden, including this rather super Triumph TR4 and...

...this cheeky heron (out of focus 'cos it was taken on my very ancient phone, Nokia N70 with the numbers and letters all blended into one blob.) Anyhow, ain't he lovely?

Funny the things that make you happy. My kids and grandchildren make me happiest, there can be no doubt, but sometimes I can be working away with a fork, a spade, a rake or a hoe, hoe, hoe and this little animal or that; a robin or a blackbird (singing in the dead of night); a rabbit or a vole dashing in front of the car; give me a little bit of a buzz of warmth. And then you listen to the radio and hear a 14 year old failed suicide bomber talking about the loss of his arm and stomach and his regrets for being talked in to doing the deed. And the fact that a 10 year old actually succeeded doing the same thing and killed 50. Frightening...

Confused? You will be...


  1. Nice work, son.

    (btw please can you change your posting settings, it's a laborious 3-stage process at the moment with a freakin captcha too)

  2. Not sure how I do that I'm afraid, just looked and can't make head nor tail of it - thick you see

  3. You're so right, Si.
    Very sad.