Saturday, 14 April 2012

Post 118 part uno - This Week in Tinseltown...


Been a good week, the weather was iffie, but then it's been so dry, a bit of damp will sort us all out - don't know about the cold though, don't like the cold.

On Saturday we took the mother-in-law to Paddington, no reason, we just dropped her off there and off we went to have a look at the rest of the smoke. (NB: she did have a duffle coat and marmite sandwich, so I guess she wanted to fit in or sumfing.)

Also, it was Finlay's first trip there, which is crazy really by the age of six I had already travelled the full distance of the routes of the numbers 25, 159 and, of course, the 73, buses. We went to Oxford Street for a tinsy bit of shopping and then off down to the South Bank.

We passed the Aquarium (1 hour to queue); the London Eye (24 hours to queue); the BFI Bar (no queue); Tate Modern, where we had lunch and damn good too! (The only queuing in there was for some bloke who kills sharks and plays with them in his bath, " THAT art," we said); the Globe (again no queue); we went into The Clink (no queue) and attempted to read all the gruesome stuff about torture, but Finlay wanted to find rats or something; then we went to look for the Marshalsea Prison, where Charles Dickens dad was imprisoned for having no money; walked through Borough Market and we finally ended up having a drink in The George just off Borough High Street, one of my favourite pubs - the last galleried pub in Britain, and very beautiful it is too.

Here's some photos - see if you can guess where they were taken:

I will have to post again tomorrow, I have some really nice pictures from work this week too.

Anyone else totally confused about the tax situation at the moment?

Happy calculating!

PS: We didn't have any marmalade for the mother-in-law. We also didn't have a duffle coat, so she had to make do with a packer mac - well a black bin bag with a piece of rope actually...

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