Monday, 7 March 2011

Got me arse in gear and...

...even got some digging done over on the allotment (that'll get to the council spies!) Digging is so good for you isn't it? Gets the blood rolling and the heart a-pumpin' - should be other way round really - and makes one feel like one has actually put in a good shift. The back feels it of course, but then the back will feel any kind of activity that includes lifting, bending and stretching. 

So much couch grass, why is there so much couch grass? You dig it up, you pull out the roots and yet there it is again, bastard stuff. You'd think some government would have banned it over the years, but oh no, they have more important things to do like... well, selling guns to the Arabs - bastards!

Got the new hedge in too:

This is where I get impatient and can't just let mother nature take her lovely course. I want it to grow, grow, grow and show me I planted it right and fed it right and... Well, patience is a virtue, but I have never been that virtuous a human being.

Happy growing!

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