Saturday, 22 January 2011

My place...

Just a quickie, the following are a few pictures from my own garden. I am putting these on here to make me actually get on with the changes we want to make. Apart from anything we need a tidy up!

What a fine (?) mess

Same fine mess from another angle

The dark patch is where the swing used to be - it will go with some seed or  a bit of turf

This shows the birdbath I made last year and the ghostly figure is our California Lilac (Ceanothus burkwoodii), all snug for the winter

The fine mess tidied up! The blue bags are the leaf mould I started 4 years ago, yum

From the back of the house towards the trampoline/greenhouse and just in the foreground my attempt at a mosaic path - an on-going project that will take years...

Our lovely girls with two of the rabbits (we had  seven but one was taken by a fox and the daddy, Henry, has disappeared recently, bless!) The hens are called Betsy (front) and Bridie and they have just started laying again. The return of real eggs! Hoo-rah!!!

Happy gardening!