Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Oh my, I have so much I want to write about...

...but I just seem to have no time at the moment - or maybe I'm too drunk. It's just bollocks really, Chelsea and all that Chump-yuns League stuff and paying enough money for a player to build half a hospital wing and then, tonight the Lib-Dems knocked on my door and this is the "conversation":

(knock, knock - door opens)

Lib-Dem bloke (spotty herbert with a really stupidly big grin) Hi! We're from the    Lib-

Me Fuck off!

(door slams)

So rude I know, but I just can not tolerate these people on my doorstep, because basically it's my doorstep and they do not deserve to be standing on it. The other guy looked like William Hague with hair, my God, do not come knocking on my door looking like William Hague with hair. Jeez, he even had a trench coat on, what the hell is THAT all about?

Politics eh?

Smells like compost...