Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hey kids!

Here we go again! Some pics from the other day at Pat's. One of the paths was in a bit of a state - loads of roots pushing the slabs out of the way - and I have taken it upon myself to tidy them up. As with all jobs like this, it grew and grew as I went along and I ended up re-doing a good half of it.

Next week, weather permitting - and it was beautiful here again today by the way! - I shall cement the slabs in and, as they say, Bob is your uncle. Who exactly is that Bob, 'cos he's got a lot of nieces and nephews. I like to think it's someone like Bob Newhart or, for the terminally morose, Bob Dylan. Maybe it's Bob Marley for the laid back and Bob Hope for the hopeless. Bob Hoskins for the cocker-knees. Bob Flowerdew for us gardeners. Bob Woodward for the inquisitive...

Happy Bobbing!

Oh, here's a picture of the steps going down to the bottom of Pat's garden, it's the area I call Dingley Dell. I'd love to put a pond in there, but it's surrounded by trees and could be a bugger in Autumn.

The steps were completely green, as on the
right and were treacherous, which, as I have said
before, is entirely ridiculous for an accident
prone fella like me!

Started working with Helen today, a garden designer who found me on Twitter with the help of my brother-in-law, George. Should have taken some pics because it was a helluva job, removing an enormous root that had intertwined itself around some concrete. Took about five hours all told, with a little break to go get my trusty log splitter - it was five minutes up the road from me. I like jobs like that, bit of hard graft and sweat and it looks great at the end. Oh yeah and getting dirty, there's always the getting dirty!

Happy grubbiness!