Monday, 10 January 2011

Oh joy!

Back at work clearing paths and blasting walls with the Karcher, what a joy to behold. Green slime (algae) covered walls turned back into white walls, lovely. Only thing was the tap connector snapped and I had to go get a new one. Must have suffered in the cold weather I reckon, so I got a brass one. 

I have to say I rather like algae and mosses in their place, but on pathways it can be very dangerous, especially when you're prone to accidents - like me! Slipping over is a daily hazard and I can not tell you how much I need to think to make sure I don't do it. Even with non-slip (yeah right) rubber soles or grips with the tack of an octopus, I have the potential to fall. Pretty secure today though... (shouldn't have said that.)

Tomorrow, I'll be clearing the paths of the green stuff. It'll probably carry over into next week, as Pat & Brian's is a big garden (see previous blog) with a lot path.

Need to find an insulation cover for an outdoor pipe too. Tried several places and no one seems to do it any more. There is an excellent old fashioned DIY shop in Berkhamsted that will probably be able to help. They're Indian, unfathomably helpful and the shop is chocker block with everything you need and a lot of what you don't need too. It's heaven, I love browsing in there and could spend a fortune, bit like stationery shops. (What is it about stationery that makes me think, "Wow, I don't need that stacking system, but it really looks like I should!"?)

As I say, oh the joy of my work. I would never have said that a mere two years ago, heavy sigh...