Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Life is getting good Pt2...

These are pictures from Pat's, one of the long border, the other of some of the buds sprouting through the earth. This time of year makes my heart soar. Just to tidy the borders and while clearing the old leaves and dead bits you come across life re-affirming itself in the persona of buds... 

This is what it looks like in the summer:

Just be happy!

Life is getting better!

Just picked up another garden contract - 2 acres just over the border into Bucks, about 5 minutes away. My week is now nearly full up - will keep back some hours for those "odd-jobs" here and there though - so it's pretty good stuff.

Thing is, only one of my regular client's was picked up through advertising, all the other others are word of mouth and the only one I picked up from an advert is a friend of a friend anyway (small world in Tring & the surrounding villages!) I only have one paid for ad now, in a shop window in a posh village down the road from here (it's the village currently being used for the "supernatural thriller" Marchlands on ITV1). The below garden is in said village, lovely place, 2 great pubs, but they have far too many Morris Dancers for me to feel totally safe there! 

Yes, it's a fake sky but it's mildly convincing. This is the garden I am putting a lawn in where the herbs currently are in the middle bed. Also, I have cleared a plot for veggies, excellent!

Anyway, off to clear out the old Volvo so I can put the tools back for tomorrow morning at the new garden.

Happy smiling!