Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Out in the garden!

Oh yes! Even though it's just (just?) our garden here in lovely Tring, the weather is being kind and it's on with the clear up. It's coming into my time of the year. Yes, that's my time of the year, when the buds are slowly pushing through and the hellibores in the front garden - moved in summer last year - are beginning to show signs of flowering. All those bulbs planted in the autumn are showing through and life turns to that sweetness anyone who loves a garden delights in.

Sets me to thinking, is there anyone who actually doesn't like a garden? I know of someone who thinks gardens are full of creepy crawlies (yeah!) and dirt (yeah!), obviously. She doesn't like the sun either so life isn't good outside for her. However, she likes to look, which is something and admires a nice flower or two. She would though, concrete over the garden and put in some "nice pots". Oh my, grass is my favourite covering, so I find that attitude difficult, to say the least. A nicely kept lawn, actually not too nicely kept as I am a fan of moss, nice bouncy moss, is an enhancement as far as I'm concerned. I do find it difficult to rake moss out of a lawn when instructed to so by a client.

Anyway, here's my favourite lawn from my favourite garden, yet again:

I love it and can not believe I put stripes in it. I was always a bit sniffy about stripes but I think this looks really natural, almost wind swept - the patches have been treated and there is life there and this summer it should be back to it's prime.

One of the other gardens I work on has a huge lawn, but the owner's parents like to cut it, they have a sit-on mower, something I haven't done yet and do have a mild amount of trepidation about attempting. 

This is another lawn I work on, a real work in progress, as it hasn't been looked after that well in recent times, but the new owner is very keen on getting it back to life. It actually looks pretty good in this picture:

Must take some pictures of our garden through the year as we are beginning work in earnest to knock it into shape at last, this is our fourth year here and it really needs to be done. AND, get on top of the allotment too, more of which later this week...

As Eric says, happy gardening!