Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dear Lord and Father of...

...humankind, forgive our cockamamy ways...

Listen, there must be something going on. It's obvious isn't it? All this weather we are having, it just can't be right. Too wet, too windy, but most of all too naffing cold. Quite frankly I am now pissed off. I can't work and if I don't work, blah blah blah...

Strangely though, on Monday this:

Turned into this:

What a difference a week makes, but then again I am not working today again, which is the third week on the trot that I have missed a day of work. It's becoming an obsession, I should learn to relax; ommmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Seriously though, I don't mind the wet or even the wind, it's the cold that gets to me. I reckon I haven't yet got used to the cold since coming back from our three year sojourn in Oz - that's the Antipodean rather large island as against the wonderful land of... OK, it was all of 42 years ago we got back, but I continue to not appreciate having me nutz frozen orf.

Anyway, Pat's on Monday. It was actually quite nice all day. I even cut the grass and doesn't it look nice:

The wisteria continues to flourish

Nice tulips, new this year. I think they are Tulipa viridiflora, 'Spring Green' - isn't that nice?

I believe this is Clematis 'Montana Rubens'. Masses of flowers every year and never fails...

The partare at Pat's, with freshly trimmed box hedges. I love trimming
up hedges, it's what I go to bed dreaming of!
Another post later on with a rather sad welcome for me at Rebecca's on Tuesday this week, a la this:

This is the horse chestnut at the top of the drive in
Quainton. A branch was lost in the storms at the weekend.
Laters! Or should I say L8rs?

Happy chopping!