Saturday, 5 February 2011

THIS is brilliant!

Not that  I'm blowing me own trumpet or nothing, but the attached is a little video of my blocked hose the other day at Pat's place. It took me ages to clear it out, but I think you may agree with me it was worth it just to see the ice snake. I love the sound effects, courtesy of iMovie on the iMac.

Happy unbunging!

Today we have no fence...

"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind." 

The fence, which was an accident waiting to happen, is no more. Well, slight exaggeration as one panel survived - I actually couldn't be bothered to take it down as it was getting dark and the wind was blowing in amongst places I forgot I had. The pictures below show the devastation said wind left behind - we have told our neighbours that we are going to leave it down as it is easier to spy on them now.

It did set me to thinking, "Blimey, what must it be like to live through a proper wind like they get in Cuba or Florida or elsewhere in the Caribbean or Queensland indeed?" To have to actually nail things down must be astonishing, '...whoops there goes me shed!' 'Whoops there goes me barbecue!" Or even, "Whoops there goes me bike/car/dog!" I am not making light of this situation, far from it, but as I was dragging the fence panels across the garden last night I had to battle against the wind and I nearly took off hanging from the bottom of one of them. Makes me glad we put the umbrella away every winter - mind you, cheap travel a la Mary Poppins would be available I guess.

"Just blew in from the windy city..."

I prefer our garden furniture

The rhododendron is called Rodney, after
Rod Stewart

The buddleia, right hand corner, is called Buddy Rich*


This panel is not dead, it's resting

*I lied, who the hell would name a plant after a drummer?

So anyway, yet another job to do around the house. This one will probably take me some time as I don't like being fenced in, know what I'm saying?

"Give me land, lots of land, 'neath the starry skies above, don't fence me in!"

Happy panelling!