Friday, 13 July 2012

Ahhhhhh... Boring it is now... visit this place of the 'limpits. Why so much wet? Wet is here too much; end when will it?

The 'limpits commence are soon and The Limpitians all arrive here these shores soon, but ready are you not. Theresa May-Not says well everything with Troopers of the Imperial Storm, but delivery of Limpitians forever take through entry at the Row of Heath. One wonders how The Limpitians to get the Stadia of Boyle when bridges do crack and roads wend wearily through the Valley of Congestionia. The dark force is truly here betiding the woes of humanity and Jonna the Boris-Hut.

With you are my thoughts of which I share the words of wise from Jonna, "I want to assume supreme power", for they convey my feelings of foreboding that all is not well in the Garden of the Stadia of Boyle...

"Good relations with the Wookiees, I have... Size matters not!"

May the froth be with you... Happy 'limpits!