Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Back in my day droughts weren't wet...

As I have said in the past, I am not one for moaning really. Not a whinger or a whiner; not me. BUT, oh dear, what the bejesus is going on out there in the big wide world?


The only thing to do is sit in the car with a nice cuppa...
Thing is, of course this rain will be the wrong kind of rain. It won't replenish the reservoirs or top up the underground natural sources and I won't be able to work. That last statement is nice if you don't have to work, but seeing as I need to work, it's, quite frankly, boring. As I sit here the sun is shining, but there is a massive black cloud coming in over the Chilterns, looking like it's gonna dump a biblical amount of water yet again. Apparently this current drought is due to a blocking anti-cyclone - sounds like something that goes wrong with your Dyson. 

Anyway, there we are, drought, schmought, I just hope I can get back to work tomorrow (Thursday 26th April). I have a conifer to chop down, so it doesn't really matter if it's raining - just a lot of mud to roll about in again (mud wrestling a conifer does not sound like a good idea though...)

I have doen some nice work over the last 10 days though, here are some pictures...

Julie's last week, little bit of weeding, etc

Isn't it ironic? New grass once settled in looks so much better than old grass. I'm going to tidy up the edges of the new stuff and re-seed so it kind of blends together. As they say, work in progress... it, here comes summer... and the bluebells

Another bit of "cruel to be kind" pruning at Pat's place. Titchmarsh
should stick to gardening - fine advice, the cruel stuff
And talking of cruel to be kind, the wisteria carries on on it's wispy way, can't wait for the flowers to bloom
Oh, blue sky has appeared above the Chilterns, but just been out to look at the chickens and the run is like a mud bath and the gells are looking most bedraggled. We continue to get 4 eggs a day, which is good as Alison had loads of cakes to make in the coming weeks, plus we have the Aldbury Mayday Fayre to prepare for. Here is the stall from last year...

A splendid cornucopia of loveliness...

So, there we have it, that was Monday, Tuesday was actually totally dry and I will post some pictures from then in a little while.

Happy munching!