Sunday, 13 March 2011

George the kitten - George the werewolf...

We have a new kitten. He's named George after this fella - on the right:

I am obsessed with the televisual delight that is Being Human. Russell Tovey is an excellent actor, he was nothing short of brilliant as John Chivery, the prison 'guard' in Little Dorrit (another piece of televisual loveliness). 

Anyway, the new kitten, George, is a Siamese/Tabby cross, a sort of black/grey fluff ball who has freaked out our older two cats, Charlie & Rosie (both girls, Charlie has a little Hitleresque moustache, but we thought it slightly inappropriate to call her Adolf, so we went for Charlie after Chaplin). Charlie just brought a mouse in to the house and Alison saved it from it's fate. This is the problem I have with cats, they kill life's lovelies and i find it difficult. Yes, I know cats are supposed to do that, but it still irks as I find the killing of any little creature difficult. However, if Maggie Thatch were to die tomorrow, I would be hanging the bunting out - I kid you not!

Gardening wise this weekend I dug over the potato plot on the allotment, enlarged it by about half again by taking out a couch grass invaded pathway. I shall be doing the same with another three pathways in the coming weeks, for courgettes, cabbage, french beans, etc. The onions and garlic are doing fine. 

We also have five varieties of of tomatoes sown, some cayenne peppers, melons and cucumbers all sitting cosily in the greenhouse or on window sills dotted around the house. There are some potatoes sitting chitting in there too. I am determined to make a teeny tiny dent in Tesco's profits this year. Year before last we had our own potatoes from the end of June until nearly February of the following year. Nice!

Pix of George - the kitten - to follow tomorrow and I have a lovely little fillum of my mate the blackbird from last week to upload too. Isn't Life sweet?

Happy fluffy things...