Thursday, 13 January 2011

The weather, it's always the weather!

I'm not saying my life has been taken over by weather watching, but obviously when one is employed in an outdoor pursuit of some kind it helps that it's not too muddy or inclement out there. Don't get me wrong I am actually rather fond of mud but it does get in the way when attempting things like digging - sticks to the tools you see. I like to run my fingers through the earth and have not too much left on said digits. When it's claggy like it is now, not good.

The reason I devote a blog to this most British of topics, i e weather, is because I started to take a big interest in the BBC weather website to kind of help me gauge what work I can partake in the coming week(s). I have noticed that this not a science, should be, but it isn't. Basically the predictive side is impossible, which most be a hinderance when one thinks that it is called "Weather Forecasting". For example, not two weeks ago during the snow, it was predicted that we here in lovely Tring would NOT be getting any substantial amounts. We got at least eight inches. Question is, what the hell is substantial?

This week, it had been predicted, last Friday, that Monday would be sunny and Tuesday dull with some rain. Monday was dull with some rain, Tuesday dull with rain and some sun. 

Now I'm not complaining, not really, but when my job wholly depends on keeping an eye on the weather to gauge exactly what I could do to earn an honest penny or two or three, it would be nice to be able to plan ahead with some sort of confidence. The way we get weather - and this is across the whole of humanity, not just the UK - is, quite frankly, crap with a capital "C". 

I have a theory and this is what my theory is, a-hem, here comes my theory in just a mo, a-hem. My theory is and it is my own theory what I have thought up myself. A-hem, my theory regarding the aforementioned subject of weather forecasting is: THERE IS ACTUALLY TOO MUCH SCIENCE ATTACHED TO IT! The satellite pictures, while fascinating, seem to have confused the poor little fellas (and gells) who stand in front of those maps pressing their delightful little thumbs on that button thing they use. Too much information has totally bollocksed the art of predicting what the weather will do. 

However, without BBC weather we would not have Rob McElwee gracing our screens as per this:

He is a genius!

Anyway, anyone want a garden make-over?