Monday, 2 May 2011

Ah, so that was that then? cheers Wills & Kate

They ended up in the Premier Inn, Tring - we know it's true for we saw a heliochopper flying over our house (in the middle of our street) Sunday morning. It had twin blades and was decorated in that camouflage stuff they have for service vehicles - bit daft really 'cos it showed up real good against the beautiful pale blue sky that has become de rigeur here in Trrrrrr-ing, what's so camouflage about that then?,+Aylesbury,+Buckinghamshire,+UK&cid=6418960628344946725

That's a link to it, it's called the Crow's Nest and it has great deals going on at the moment, you know £29 a night and sizzler steak meals for two (prawn cocktail, 14oz rump steak & all the trimmings - chips, peas, grilled tomato, emmm yum! - and black forest gateau just to make the Prince feel truly at home!)

This all of course makes me feel so much better as I was really worried about the cost, seeing as I was paying for the whole shebang along with the rest of the British public. It makes up for shifting all those trees back and forth from Windsor Great Park (what's so great about it if they can let 73 trees go for a weekend?) Anyway, apparently it was a lovely wedding, but I am rather disappointed that he kissed the new Princess on a balcony in front of what appears to have been quite a few people - so unBritish to have such a blatant show of affection AND so damn dangerous, my mate Nige kissed his missus on a balcony in Corfu and she got 2 broken legs! Tut, tut, William and you the hair to the throne but one.

You may ask, "What the fucking hell has all this to do with gardening?" Ok, go on then... Well, I garden to make a living; my living has just paid for a wedding I wasn't invited too and I think it was a bit rude not to at least send a fucking wedding favour or maybe a can of Stella. Oh yeah, and I mentioned trees above...

Happy daze...