Sunday, 27 March 2011

Garden heaven...

Our compost, some of which is at least 6 years old - it's lovely I think you'll agree

Hellebores at Pat's place - my favourite flower, they give you colour all year round just about

The Volvo - I call it the Belgrano, 'cos it' big and grey and never been anywhere near the Falkland Islands. Must tidy it up soon...

A new diddy lawn at Tom & Vicky's - she wanted somewhere to lay in the sun!

The rockery at Julie's - not a fan of tulips, but they looked so nice at the top there!

Can't beat a good daff at it's zenith

And there you have it. A lovely week in amongst the flowers. Pruning, trimming, mowing and hoeing - just a shame I couldn't go out with the TUC on Saturday, what fun and japes was there!

No cuts here - not of that kind anyway...

Happy chopping!