Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Just a quickie...

...as I am rather excited by the discovery of a set of diaries I have stumbled upon. They are the diaries of an old school chum of mine, Daniel Peepes - yeah I know!

Thing is they are brilliant and run from 1st January 1973 - the year we left school - until the summer of 1979, when we lost touch. Daniel left the diaries with me, saying, "I'll be back to get them; keep 'em safe mate.." 

This is the only picture I have of Daniel - for some reason never Dan and most definitely NOT Danny.

Daniel Peepes, about Spring time 1973 - looks
like he's in prison, some would say he belonged there, even then!
I am trying to trace him, but so far no one knows what happened to him. I really want to find him and get his permission to publish these diaries, they are a gem of their time and I think they offer an insight into the world we lived in back in a decade that I sometimes think shouldn't have happened.

Jim''l Fix It indeed...

PS: New garden blog coming soon...