Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ramping up...

I want to say something outlandish but will only say "Gosh! I'm getting busy."

It's a good busy, unlike the soul destroying nonsense of the computer induced busy of the old days at Argos. I know I can say to my clients, "I can't quite finish that today" and they will be laid back about it. Thing is all my clients are so nice, I have always got things done by the time I said I would - I have a real sense of loyalty from them and they get it back in spades or forks - quite literally...

This week I have just about finished tidying one of my bigger gardens and got to round about 20% of another. The one in the picture is from the latter garden. I will take some of the second big garden tomorrow. It's the one with the pond and giant rockery and I couldn't be enjoying what I'm doing more. Mind you Radio 4 really helps me get through the day too.

The herb garden at Pat's - cleared out last Autumn
and we will re-stock in the coming weeks.

This bed at Pat's is my favourite, it's full of some lovely shrubs and perennials and looks brilliant in the Summer

These two are a couple of my mates. The blackbird came within a couple of yards of me last week and the robin was literally on my toe the week before.
Happy Gardening one and all!