Monday, 25 June 2012

Marsworth on sunny Sunday afternoon...

It has to be said that we who live in Tring and the surrounding area are somewhat blessed with nice places to visit. One such area is that at and about Marsworth Reservoir. It is situated by the loveliness that is the Grand Union canal and wwe went for a walk there after lunch at the Bluebell Cafe.

The view across the reservoir to the beginning of the Chiltern Hills

Canal left; reservoir, right

Grand Union canal - I have to say that this stretch is one of the loveliest...

Alison and Sophie in the distance

Aren't swans just so... swan-like

I would live here at the drop of a hat - and about £1.5million

The above is where the house in the previous picture presides. It's a
convergence of two bits of the canal at Bulbourne, just down the road
from where we live.

This was meant to show a frenzy of tadpoles, but having been taken on a mobile it's not very clear. They are the little blob of black just to the right of centre

Just looking back along the reservoir, couldn't resist that nice cloud formation
Back to gardening tomorrow, just wanted to share this lovely little afternoon...

Happy walking!