Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This is very re-miss of me, but...

...I really SHOULD do this more often. Thing is I actually enjoy it when I get going.

Before I start - especially showing my latest pictures from gardening - can I say one more time how much I despise this new Americanisation of the English language when people start an answer to question with, "So..." Seriously, what on the sweet lord's planet is THAT all about? It's as bad as the Tony Blair generation of politicians starting every answer with, "Look..." Excuse me, but if you're on the fecking radio, it isn't possible to look. Another bug bear of mine is "Giving 110%..." How? How the freaky deaky do you give 110%. 100% is enough. It's all that can be expected of anyone, isn't it? 

Recently, in the world of gardening I have been chopping, cutting, slicing, shredding and then some bastard wasp stung me on my thigh. Now, I don't know if any of you have been stung by an insect, but when it happens to me I kind of explode. This can mean swelling or head expansion. The head expansion is similar to an acid trip, so trimming a wisteria up a ladder - like I did this afternoon - isn't a good idea... The sting still hurts, 12 hours later (and I have a high pain threshold too. No, I really do... Feel I should have put LOL there, but I hate text speak.)


This is my Invisible Gardener phase. This
picture was taken by Finlay, age 6
And, here's a black swan. I really really like black swans. When we lived in Perth, West Australia, we saw them in the wild all the time. Very beautiful.

This was at a little zoo near Derby, excellent day, but the
name escapes me at the moment...

That was just an aside and was taken on holiday on my mobile, as were these shots of the compost heaps at Julie's place in Buckland:

Oh to have this amount of space to put together compost on such a level. Four bins! Count them, one, two, three, four! How sad am I...

I have been meaning to tidy this area up before the autumn really sets in and did it last week. There is so much lovely humus there, I think I have enough to mulch all of the beds even in here at Julie's (five acres don't forget!) Also found about 400 old bricks and asked if I could have them for a path and patio I want to build at home. I offered to pay of course!

This is one of our Halloween pumpkins. Grown
from last year's Tesco bought one - I kept the seeds.
We have four, all about the same size and growing BIGGER
every day!!!
Another job is a clearance of an 80-year-old bloke's garden just across the road from me. Literally 20 yards away - good work if you can get it but it is a terrible mess, bless him.

This is about half of it and so far I have cleared the weeds
from the paving slabs you see there. On the left is all
brambles, about 20 metres of it, 4 metres deep. Big job.

This is Fergus, Pat's dog - Pat's garden is Monday & Tuesday morning. He sits in the conservatory most of the time Pat is out, looking like this. Thing is, when he comes outside he just wants to go back and do this again after five minutes - clever dog...

And finally, a word from our sponsor...

Happy freaking out...