Monday, 24 October 2011

Oh deary, dearie, dearae, me... a Blip on the landscape of my intellect.

I am so sorry (this is a message to me, as I'm sure you have better things to do with your time than read my drivelly drivel on here - what the hell do you do it for then, you may ask, I DUNNO! I say...) The reason for my reticence and abject horror is that I haven't posted for over a month (cuh! Bloody hell, call yourself a blogger.) 

Actually I think I have invented a new verb or rather meaning for the word "Blip". It's Blogging, but only occasionally, so it's a Blip there on the landscape of my intellect. Nice methinks...

Anyhoo my dear friends, here we are, listening to Marcus Brigstock and Ian Hislop on Radio 4's "I haven't watched Star Wars" and it's really quite amusing. Hislop has never bought himself a pair of jeans or played Grand Theft Auto on an X-Box, hasn't lived has he?

Gardening in my life has truly taken over in the past 5/6 weeks. I am working nearly 50 hours a week and Alison is helping me out too! I have shifted things around and work three 10 hour days and two eight hour days - yeah I know that's 42 hours, but I have done other stuff on top of this recently. This is going to be my working week in the future, basically so I don't have to work Saturdays, which I do every other week. It also cuts down on petrol money, which is a damn fine idea I'm sure you'll agree.

NB: Mike Burgess, if you actually still read this blog, piss off!

A selection of pix from the passed four weeks follow:

I truly love clipping hedges, these are the box
hedges around the partare at Pat's place (see below), a lovely
way to pass the time...

Harry's place, just across the road from home. Used
to be a coal yard, hence the over the top use of
paving slabs

One of the gardens Alison has taken over from me.
New planting to be done next year...

This is a stretch along the Grand Union in Berkhamsted that
I am responsible for. Started cutting it back and we found this:
...a little den with quite a lot of roaches (no the cock
type!) laying around.

Pat's place and the compost looks bee-yooooo-tee-full!

Front of Julie's place - and some nice shots over the last
few weeks follow...

Side of Julie's place, even though you see this first!

Front of Pat's place...

Ladybirds, that's Ladybirds, not bugs

Some bloke off the telly

Following are some pictures from the new house I picked up a few weeks ago - the reason my working week has exploded so much

...and finally, the biggest tomato I have EVER grown! Jesus, I'm so proud, but it's taken over the kitchen and won't let us in there, it's "Attack of the Teenage Killer Kamakaze Tomato of Old Tring Town" - I should work on that...

And so, I shall be blipping again very soon, as I have a load more pickies available for your delight and delectation.

Happy grilling...