Thursday, 27 January 2011

Oh a good day... Not perfect...

...but good. 

Cleaned the patio, pathway and the side of the house with the Karcher - fast becoming my right hand man! - and moved the logs down to a more sensible place by the big shed. The logs were by the collapsing fence on the side of the patio. Also, bodged a repair to said fence, it seems fairly strong and hopefully it will stand up to anything the weather can send in the next couple of months or until I can get round to breaking up the concrete bases for the posts. The posts have gone rotten.

Dug out the area for the grapevine too. Had to take out an old clematis, one of those horrible ones with small white flowers, Teniflora I think it is. It does flower quite late but I just don't like it and neither does Alison - sorry, but I find it quite ugly. It's very old and was never looked after by the previous owners of No 54 so it had to go anyway because it was a bit ropey. It's a perfect position for a hardy grapevine, sun all day!

The garden furniture will get the Karcher treatment on Saturday with the help of Finlay, age 5. He was very impressed with the power of it so I guess I'm going to have to keep out of the way!

Saw Boy George on the BBC this morning. Why?

Someone started a petition to have Andy Gray reinstated. Why?

I love my compost heap. Why? 'cos it's full of  worms and rotting vegetation - bit like Boy George and Andy Gray, but unlike them the compost is full of goodness too...

Happy Celeb bashing!