Friday, 27 July 2012

OK, so Th'limpits have started... Don't Panic!!!

Dear friends, Th'limpits are here, apparently they sneaked in under the radar yesterday afternoon with women playing football. Yes! You heard me correctly, women-playing-football. Back in my day such a thing would have been so frowned upon as to be akin to Sepp Blatter and the like accepting a bribe to stage the 2018 World Cup in Russia instead of dear old Hing-gerland - which would never happen! Also, the aforementioned gent would never suggest that women's football should attempt to become more popular by letting... "the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts." He would never say that.

Anyhoo, here are some more pictures of arrivals at The Stadia of Boyle: 

This is Camo-Daft Vadar, a shot putter of
some esteem from a little known country
called The Cockswolds 

Here we have the slightly reduced team of fencers from Titlandia.
Davo-Becko, Sebbo Collo and Eric Pickles are exceptional
at putting up a nice split-rail fence in no time. Indeed, any kind of 

fence, including, featherboard, palisade, jaktop or even a nice bit
of tongue and groove (Eric's speciality). A real prospect for gold...

Kellith de Holmo, seen here carrying Granto Shappo erstwhile
minnow for shelter in the Forest of No-hopers, looks bang on
for the first gold ever for carrying the can of shite - a new
discipline introduced for Th'limpits this time round. Mainly
because there is so shite to get rid of... 
Take it easy out there, you never know who you might bump into... 

Oh yeah, if you're not interested in Th'limpits, watch ITV.

Happy(?) 'limpitting...