Thursday, 20 January 2011

And... Relax.

The paths and patios are complete. I donned my all-in-one waterproof bike ensemble (all grey and blue and contour devouring) today and just blasted away all the algae I could find - even off the Wendy House! I stayed ostensibly dry but Jesu H Christ it was cold. The weathermen got the forecast completely wrong for here, sunny yet cold my big fat hairy one! Over cast and freeze your round ones off more like! That brass monkey got loads of exercise today...

This is how we get green algae - those of a delicate disposition please look away now...

Anyway, green algae, apart from being dangerous for most people of an advanced age when on a path or patio, I actually quite like it in a decorative kinda way. Rockeries, ponds, etc lovely. Steps, not good. A combination of algae and water on paths, steps and patios, can only mean severe injury for the likes of me, i e Mr Accident. I tellya, you really do wanna watch out for those pesky zoosporangium. 

Asexual reproduction? What a stupid idea. Just shows you, algae ain't all they're cracked up to be. And yet, if one stops a moment and thinks about it zoosporangium can reproduce without the intervention of of any other organism, the locale and conditions are all they need. Jesus, it's all that Germaine Greer could have wanted back in the heady days of women's lib and all that. I think the male population should keep that bit quiet, it kind of knocks sex on the head don't it? I mean, who could be bothered with getting jiggy with a zygote when a zoosporangium can do it all by itself?

Happy gardening campers!