Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A few new bits of work

Hello again!

All this year I have been resurrecting mostly lawns and have I learnt a lot? Yes I have.

The biggest thing I've learned is it's bloomin' hard work guv'nor. Raking out moss and thatch, removing old tired turf and laying new stuff, but most of all creating a new lawn with nothing but seed, fertiliser and a wing and a prayer.

The first of two I will show tonight dear reader is Quainton. This is the garden that has been thoroughly destroyed by very necessary building works and as you can see it really did look like the set of Blackadder Goes Forth. The Somme.

In June, with the help of a couple of the builders, we levelled the ground as much as possible and this is what it looks like in August (6th August, just six weeks later).

Obviously still a bit rough and there are still some patches but it is doing so well. The trench you see in the above shot ran right through the middle of the first of the new pictures. Isn't nature a wunnerful thing?

And the second revamped garden is in Tring and belongs to a couple of friends - stupidly I forgot to take some before shots, but trust me this is very different to what was there just two weeks ago. Again a major builder led catastrophe, but now a simple little garden that I think enhances the front...

...please ignore the bald bit on the far right, this was a hideously underestimated turf supply. Note finely trimmed hideous laurel hedge and topiary round the windows. I do like a bit trimming.

So pleased to be back writing this tosh, I will try to keep it up as I do enjoy it, not as much as the work, but it has it's ability to soothe my fevered brow.

Happy daze...