Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another successful day

Lagged the outdoor pipe that got frozen during the bad weather and de-slipped the slippery pathway. Plus I actually didn't slip over again today (must stop mentioning my accident-proneness as I think I am probably tempting fate a little bit toooooo much!)

My last two accidents were rather spectacular though. First one was in the garden, my own garden, attempting to put in a new fence post. It was in an awkward position (no really) and I had to use a small lump hammer to get at the spike support I was using. As I brought my hand down a branch of the buddleia I was underneath deflected the blow onto my thumb. I crushed it, fracturing the top bone completely down the middle and had to have an emergency operation the following Tuesday (it was Saturday when I did it). It was an ugly sight...

The second accident was very spectacular. I was up in the loft and the ladder gave way under neath me, I pushed myself away from the stairs behind me fearing a serious back injury, but the attic door swung back and, as I went to grab the attic opening, the tracks for the now missing ladder cut deep divots the full length of my arms. I was knocked out too. A year of physio later and my shoulder was ok-ish again and I have some pretty good scars on my wrists - I look like a failed suicide!

So, I guess what I'm saying is, I always take it easy out there in the gardening world now, my livelihood depends on it.