Friday, 7 January 2011

Not really garden related, but... over the moon about thrashing the Aussies. You see having spent 3 years there as a kid (67-70) I had a mildly rough time attempting to settle. So I got good at sport, swimming, cricket and the piece de resistance, Aussie Rules Football. The little white pom became an Ocker over night, but when asked if I would play for Australia or England/Britain if I ever got good enough, I said, "England/GB all the way!" As did my brother, who was actually more likely to be good enough - he was an excellent swimmer.

So when "we" beat them Ozzies at anything, but especially cricket I love, love, love it! Andrew Strauss and the boys are etched on my heart forever. Winning at home is good, but winning down under is massive!

Anyhoo, gardening. In Oz we had the standard sized garden for new builds in Perth, a third of an acre. We had over 60 trees in it and one of the first real gardening jobs I ever did was to cut down about half of them and leave a big clump on one side, while planting a buffalo grass lawn on the other. That is, me at 10, my brother, 13 and me dear ol' dad. We built a windy path around the trees and a patio with a brick built bar-bee - not one cent spent on any of the material, we just "borrowed" it from the building sites dotted around our house, how awful was that? How I wish we had some pictures of that house, it was such a beautiful garden when we left it, all too early after only 28 months of living there.

I will try to find some pictures on-line, you never know!

PS: back to work properly on Monday, thankfully. Back to my favourite garden, as per this: