Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas...

Here we have a few more pix from recent days, still leaf clearing but also digging over compost - as I have said several times before a task I love, compost is sooooooooooo good to play with - and spreading same over huge flower beds. Also dug up a few fruit bushes, gooseberry and blackcurrant and moved them to our allotment. I'll be digging up some raspberry canes tomorrow as well.

Got snowed off last Friday and it looks as though I may get rained off this coming Friday, so that'll be it for this year, except perhaps a couple of days next week. It's a bit stunning that I have built this incy wincy business from absolutely nothing last April to working over 50 hours a week at the height of the season. This time last year we had nothing in the bank, this year I can actually think about taking a few days off without it having a detrimental effect on the bank account. Makes me feel damn good about myself, especially as my main clients have bought me pressies this year too! Must be doing summink right eh?

Don't mean this to be a boasting post, just an update on where I am really, so I hope it doesn't come across as a boast-post. It's the reason I gave up on Twitter, which is a bourgeois excuse for slapping yourself on the back and mostly saying how good you are at whatever your business might be. Boring, boring, boring...

Anyway, cute picture of Daisy, Julie and Andrew's little Westie, taken today:

Last week I took these pictures of what I believe to be an old Mulberry tree, split by lightening some years ago, I really love the bark and the way they have held the trunk together. It's a thing of beauty among many in my working life.

Monday at Pat's place I finished off the re-grouting of the crazy paving outside the back door - I think you call it grouting, but it sounds wrong to me. I am rather pleased with it and thankfully so is Pat!

And finally today at Julie & Andrew's place in Buckland, near Aston Clinton in Bucks. The compost bin revamp is nearly there and I have shifted about 50 barrow loads of it amongst the various flower beds across the gardens. A job I have really enjoyed as it has broken up the leaf clearance - ahhhhhhhhh!

The main compost area and I have cleared all but one of them - at the back there, I feel a nice bonfire coming on, it's pretty dry so should go up nicely. What is it about men and bonfires eh? Love the prospect!

And absolutely finally, here's a picture of the setting sun just as I left, bottle of vintage Port under my arm (my Xmas pressie from Julie), beautiful and it makes the hard work nothing really, I love it!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may you get all you desire!

Peace innit?