Sunday, 20 November 2011

Well, hello... Lovely to be here!

My word, how busy can one get? It may have been Autumn for a while, but up 'til last week it's been busy, busy, busy... Which is good of course, but I heard someone say that they saw a gardener out with a light on his head the other evening at about five of the clock - that is ridiculously sad. I mean, what the f**k is that all about. One can buy them at SchmArgos, so they we go, bound to be crap...

'nuff said. I have been chopping, trimming, a-lopping, sawing, chainsawing, slicing and hacking for weeks now and it's been quite delightful - gets rid of a lot of pent up angst and tension my dears. Adds to the compost bins, but whatever, it's what they're they for. Also, BONFIRES! Oh yes, burn baby burn. Is there something wrong with a person who loves setting fire to stuff? Is there? Oh, really... Ooops, have to say I haven't burnt that much but it is such a joy. As is, shredding old paperwork. Oh yeah, especially when you are doing it for the chickens bedding, just feels right you know?

The new chicks are here and they are possibly the cutest things since the last ones...

Harriet left, Clarrie right. Florrie was delivered to us very ill, bless her
so we had to have her put down and Happy Chicks - blah! - are sending us
two new chicks to replace her. We only had her 36 hours and it was
rather heart breaking.

Anyhoo, the name of the game is clearance, clearance, clearance and these pictures show something of what I have been up to recently:

Ooo, sharp!

A nice bit of planting done a couple of weeks ago -
lots of herbs and perennial stuff to give colour
all the year round, lovely!

Next year I shall be planting a load of new shrubs in here, a philadelphus, some more hebes and some flowers to bloom all through the year, looking forward to it. Had to dig in a load of
compost this year 'cos it's been looked after that well in recent years...

 The following four pictures are from the "new" house in Quainton, near Aylesbury. Lovely place, huge house, loads of garden and an absolute delight to work on. The owners have had a lot of trees moved from one area where they are building a tennis court, so we have to place those elsewhere over the next few months. It's very exciting to be working on a project like this. I also get to have my pick of a load of raised beds and such like - that's a bit like an alcoholic having his pick of someone's extensive wine cellar (I did say a bit like...)

Front entrance - it's going to be made more obvious
early next year

Nice bit of clipping & trimming here. I like a straight hedge! Below is
from the other end

Not sure about this, but I quite like the shaping I've done

More bloody apples from yet another garden
that had "too much" - more wine methinks!

The Grand Union at Berkhamsted. We're responsible for keeping this
stretch tidy and I think I got on top of it, just

Sophie, Callum and Finlay, bonfire night at nan & grandad's watching the many displays across
Tring - nice evening had by all...

A new invention, a self-pushing wheelbarrow -
doesn't work yet...

I laid me down, and saw this...

I have such a lovely time doing this and it's so nice to share it with a few people, especially the ones I love. It'd be nice if it went on for a very long time.

Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff, I hope to post a bit more regularly now that the season is actually drawing to a close properly.

Happy wintering my brethren...

Simon (C-Moon...)