Monday, 24 January 2011

Oh yes! Back to real gardening @ Pat & Brian's

Today was spent clearing leaves, very mouldy, slimy leaves from the front lawn - I call it a lawn for ease of description, it is in fact 20% grass/80% moss, very bouncy! As I have said before, I don't have that much of a problem with moss, it's fine in it's place, i e in an area that isn't used that much and on rocks in a rockery or a drywall. It can also look fine in those little nooks and crannies, tucked under shrubs and trees. 

One area of the front "lawn" has three evil looking scars left by a taxi driver who must have either got lost or was late for a pick up. He reversed over the lawn and did a wheel spin, leaving aforementioned scars. Some people...

I have attempted to patch it by roughing it up with a rake and firming it back down. It actually looks alright so I hope it will recover during the Spring/early Summer. I'm thinking of recommending some boulders or posts along the front of the house to stop people thinking this lawn is part of the road!

Just a quickie today, more pictures tomorrow hopefully and never forget rolling boulders gather no moss...

Happy raking!