Monday, 7 February 2011

Pathway to heaven...

Ah well, perhaps that's a bit over the top, but I am enjoying cementing the old slabs back in place. Five hours work so far; another five tomorrow and cracked it - well hopefully not cracked too much, if at all!

I have been on Twitter since just before Christmas and have been sharing this blog on there and on Facebook ever since. I now have over a hundred followers on Twitter, but don't get it still. How does it work? Is it actually useful or is it just another exercise in ego? Am I shooting myself in the foot here by voicing my misgivings? Whatever, I would love someone to explain the reasons for being on Twitter. I just cancelled my Linked-in Account, basically because there are too many peopl from my former corporate life on there (shiver) and am on Facebook only because I have several friends in quite a few different countries around the world - it's lovely to keep in touch and have a luagh with them (very occasionally some of us even meet in real life, blow me down!!!!)

Is this virtual world we frequent just a big ego boost?

Happy cementing!