Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The reason for loving my job

Oh boy! I know I have probably harped on about this far too much, but having spent too much time working for corporate shits in my life, the past 18 months have been an absolute revelation for me. The plan was always to end my working life as a gardener. I wanted to do this since the mid-80s, but my first wife was too comfortable with my well paid media jobs and said, "You aren't good enough to  write - my other love - so why would you be any good at gardening?" Words to that effect - where the hell she got the correlation between writing and gardening I don't know, anyhoo, she's a failed Labour politician so blah!

I digress as usual. I had always intended to take early retirement, about 55, and become a gardener. Argos - bleurghhhhh - made it happen 3 years earlier by making me redundant and I really think I should thank the idiots, but what the hey, thankful to Argos? I don't think so...

Here is the true reason for loving my job...

Oh my, look at that grass! I nurtured this rose back to life last year and this year it's unbelievable

This cherry tree is getting cut back this autumn, it's got a bit too big and needs a good trim

I call this area at Pat's Dingly Dell and would love to put a pond in here - maybe one day. Anyway, I was cutting the grass and thought, "No! I can't get rid of all these daisies!" So I left some, ain't they pretty?
 Also at Pat's I found this tree

That looks a bit like this fella

Sid the Sloth from Ice Age

And then today at Julie's I just had to take these two pictures

Doesn't get any better really. Hard work but I don't even notice I'm doing it most days.

Ho hum...