Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cheer up sleepy bean...

Sometimes in life you get to do something so wondrous and, yes, awesome, that you believe you can't expect your life to produce a better experience. Last Wednesday evening, 25th May 2011, I had one of those experiences. It involved one of my best friends (I have 7 best friends, one of whom is my wife) and a pop band from the mid-60s. 

Helen and me singing along to Daydream Believer
Apologies for the blur, this is taken from a video taken on  my mobile.

Yes, the Monkees were over for their 45th anniversary tour, I knew I'd like it, I am a real fan from day one. The first ever show 31st December 1966 (don't you love the internet?) was it for me, 9 years old and hooked. My cousin, Robin, was always disparaging - "They don't play, they don't sing, they mime everything to a band behind the curtains" - my brother was on that pathetic band wagon too. Alls I know they were a laugh and the music was pretty good too.

Nottingham Concert Hall, 25th May 2011

The majority of the audience were almost as old as the "boys" and they didn't want to get up, but Helen and me, latterly, couldn't keep seated. It was truly a fine evening and my love for The Monkees and Helen (for suggesting we get the tickets one beautiful drunken night on the phone) knows no bounds!

Davy Jones - trooper!

Peter Tork CAN play - keyboards, banjo, lead guitar and the fucking French horn!

Micky Dolenz STILL has an incredible voice

Real Scouse Git, always loved the kettle!

Keep on Monkeeing around is all I can say...

What's this got to do with gardening? Nothing!