Thursday, 25 October 2012

Note to self...

...take a pen and piece of paper with you when you know you are going to ring up to check on an account and you forgot all the details and had to ring home to get them.

Then, you won't have to write in the muck on your car's back window. I think this shall be my new motto.

Also, don't do this any more, as I think you may have bought about six pairs of secateurs this year.

Luckily, this time, I found them. I should get a gardening utility belt, but then again, I look too much of a prat already, so perhaps I won't

On a political note, we got our polling cards for the forthcoming PCC elections. Apparently this is an acronym for Police and Crime Commissioner. OK, I'm not overly intelligent I know, but does that mean we're voting for people to commission crime? Which is bad enough, but commission the police too! I mean, what IS this bloody country coming too?

I'm here all week...

On that note I shall wish you well and bid you a safe journey home.

Happy badum tish!

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